Portland OR Summer 2020 Coaching Institute

Learn how to leverage what you've learned in the Poverty Institute* to transform your own organization. 

10am Thursday, July 16th til 2:30PM PDT Friday July 17th

Location TBD, Portland 


What You Will Learn  

Most information on poverty comes from the media which predominately provides stories that perpetuate myths and stereotypes. In this interactive segment, Dr. Beegle will provide participants with a poverty knowledge base necessary for improving successful outcomes for those facing poverty barriers.


How the many different life experiences of poverty impact success


What you can do on an individual and organizational level to improve outcomes


How organizations are having success in removing poverty related obstacles


I'm Dr. Beegle

Do you know why these poverty trainings are so powerful?

...beacause I myself was born into generational, migrant labor poverty and have first-hand experience of its limitations and misperceptions. I am the only member of my family who has not been incarcerated. I left school at 15 for marriage and began raising two children while continually fighting poverty. At 25, I was unmarried, had little education or job skills. It was from that low point that I got the support I needed to allow me to work my way out. I earned my GED, AA in Journalism, BA in Communications, a Master’s Degree in Communication and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership. For the past 30 years I have worked with educators, justice professionals, health care providers, social service agencies and other organizations seeking to make a difference for those living in poverty.

Join me in changing how we understand those in poverty and together let's create a world where everyone has the access to their true potential.


Sandra Rogers

Dr. Beegle is able to create relevant and memorable connections as to why we should all care about poverty. She is a caring educator who has lived experience with poverty and can help improve how health care providers, teachers, and society can communicate with people who live in poverty.

Her insight, expertise, and experiences will move you. Your story is important, learn the cause of behaviors and share different ideas for new outcomes. Excellent presentation.

Incredible first hand knowledge about poverty and those it affects and can verbalize like no one else I know. Her Facebook updates are so insightful. She has given me an opportunity to educate myself about those in need and how I can be of better service.

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